I met a man today.

I met a man today.
His ghostly face the visage of kingly splendor
And his tounge,
one of foolish men
Who learned to love
With slaveships for hearts

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  • 1 day ago

be of the broken.

Oh to be who we are
on mornings like this,
Crusade laden spines
Bent like old books
On older shelves
Loving something of stars,
new moons
dying like still oceans,
Like hungry,
Salacious eyes
trapped on 35mm film

-m.mejeh (msmiciela)

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She sang to hollow chest
With stained glass lungs
Praying on knees bent down
Like poets that write for forgiveness
This blessing will not come without
This thorn will not release
Without it’s judas crown
Sun and Angel will bleed
Across skies
Like wet, limp marigold blooms
Smearing inky yellow streaks
On the tips of waning fingertips,

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  • 1 week ago

suspended fifths

Your lips taste like jasmine gin sometimes,
when you’ve been up reading late,
and I know you’ve drank before I came in the door.

What I meant to say is that I’m drawn
to their overt indecency,
and the stillness in your face
makes me wonder if you’ve picked up on that.

you leave just enough space
for me to place
the delicacies of this life between them
other times, they are overcrowded with haiku so heavy
that all I can do is undress,
and lay beside you till the air thins
and mountains become streams 
we can wade within [these walls]
your body holds all the lies of the universe,
and soon,
your fingers become daggers,
and I know you will try to cut gingerly around 
the strings

but I’m suspended from 
loving like this.

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  • 1 month ago

40 Days

I left it all,
the shroud of sunken eyelids
that burned
when my mascara ran

tears stung my cheekbone
and made heart hollow as brittle tongues
lapping up skin,
sucking away the life 
you traded (me)
for the evils you gave up
for lent

Not all caged birds long for freedom,
I learned that this too can be a prison
of uneven bars
in pentameters that measure
the depth of the disguise,
the structure of the sentence cast
like shadow,
on the faces of angry men

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Crescent lips be like moons.

They wane,
Eclipsing breath
And abandoned clavicle

The symphony of it all,
But there are worse fears,
I think…

Drowning, for instance,

Which is not what is happening.
(I think).

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Hungry bodies feed at 3am.
They nest their lips in boughs bent
In dark clawing limbs erected.

The monument to our humanity
Is often a woman,
and her bed is always the seat of
providence and pain.

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Prisones y hogares

Desperté temprano, esta mañana
Miré al cielo entre la ventana…
A la luna
se quedó hasta el último momento,
Todavía brillando entre tanto oscuridad
Como la tinta de dolor que ensancha el corazón, mañana como este
Son solamente por oración
Y lágrimas
Que quema
Y toda que se puede esperar
Es por la paz
Que rompe el silencio a llegar
Por la paz y suplicar perdón
Por los crímenes de corazón cometido
Y el inhabilidad de arrepentirse
Aveces, prisiones como el suyo
También puede ser hogares.

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  • 1 month ago

What is this…
This river in my chest?

Loving you is like a tornado
reaching for heaven beneath my skin
Slowing only to sleep, perchance…

Wine and devils make foul company
When the living is low.

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The Begin

eyes that dreamt the diaspora
the diadems in her pupils pulled poetry
from hands that were built to destroy
built to deploy weapons
and fight wars through blood and blessing.

whatever the fuck you are,
or are not
is becoming as tall as mountains, 
implanted where there is no sky; present[ly]
there is a joint burning in the spoon rest

and much like you,
i’m trying to make sense of flame.
there is no logic to the way you divided
my decollette into lands and rivers
built canals to irrigate the insane
create space to draw stars in all this darkness
clogged with numbers in and out of sequential order
and meanwhile as you commit such glorious thievery

i’m stuck
marveling at the mathematics in your skin.
and can’t give two shits how many jagged moments like this I collide into
and if none of them ever quite end, much less, ‘begin’

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my soul is a temple of doors.
they shut out sleeping gardens, unkempt 
overgrown with weeds and wildflowers,
patches of grass burned and dried out the color of aging wheat

the silence is so thick, it coats the tops of noses
it sits heavy like sand on still air
to the point where you get the feeling that something
here; between the jagged earth, and naked trees
this must have been the seat of war

because all that can be inhaled
is the overpowering odor 
of burning flesh and gunpowder,
soot, coal, and marigold blossoms
the scent of standing ocean water
although oceans, can never remain still

how else then, could you account
for all that salt creeping up nostrils
rising like damp vapor from the bowels of this barren land?

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Feeling Fucked Up - By ETHERIDGE KNIGHT

Lord she’s gone done left me done packed / up and split
and I with no way to make her
come back and everywhere the world is bare
bright bone white crystal sand glistens
dope death dead dying and jiving drove
her away made her take her laughter and her smiles
and her softness and her midnight sighs—

Fuck Coltrane and music and clouds drifting in the sky
fuck the sea and trees and the sky and birds
and alligators and all the animals that roam the earth
fuck marx and mao fuck fidel and nkrumah and
democracy and communism fuck smack and pot
and red ripe tomatoes fuck joseph fuck mary fuck
god jesus and all the disciples fuck fanon nixon
and malcolm fuck the revolution fuck freedom fuck
the whole muthafucking thing
all i want now is my woman back
so my soul can sing

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Lackluster lips
herald the grandiose
pray to kiss angels, in penance,
this stillness
becomes dowry,
the sentence,
the memory of marigold and rainwater,
the bittersweet from tips of tongues
and sonnet songs
she sung; the sleep,
the melody of vacant dawns
and hopeless nights full
of the shadow.

Your eyes
first became the color of storms,

then soon,
before morning,
all the light had suddenly gone out.

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Tumbling forward as time rewound
Minutes we split into twelve lifetimes
Loving deeper than the knowledge of waves
clapping kisses kindred,
we become sound.
There is revelation here,
mathematics to the way we mend (each other)
in hungry truths,
with ancient heart,
Mouths that equate to (in)divisible spirit; embraces
that sum greater than your missing parts

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Look at all the worlds I see
Through stained glass
Windows; appear
and disappear
Each morning
Placing freckles about the room

Before the light touches skin,
We can say that we are
And between
and through spaces
in the atmosphere
With notes of
Sea water and Lavender shampoo
Sandalwood Beams
Butterscotch liquor
(love like) Molasses sweet
(On lips) Thick like haiku

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